Dark Samovar

Contacts of geological units, significant faults. Water seeps slowly through the aquifers, deep soaked underground seas of sand or gravel, permeable rock. Sedimentary basins with lignite deposits, tertiary and quaternary volcanism. Mineral springs, seismic swarms. Moffetts. Sedimentary rock, the ooids, the aragonite naturally occurring in all mollusk shells. Magma rising to the surface from the … Continue reading Dark Samovar


Threading a needle

So, I am sitting at a table, threading a needle, right? Don't laugh, my wife is a modern feminist woman, so I have had to learn to do these things for myself. I do not mind. I believe that every influence that makes me more competent – wouldn't it be plain ungratefulness to complain? The … Continue reading Threading a needle

Meta-modernism – its jiggles and its wiggles

In the previous post on meta-modernism that dealt more with the sociology and ground reality of MM, I promised to take a look at its actual ideas. To get picture for yourself, read here: http://www.metamodernism.org I summon the noble and great spirit of Richard P. Feynman to assist me here: My father was always interested … Continue reading Meta-modernism – its jiggles and its wiggles